Welcome to JTK's Christmas Pre-Order.

  • Place orders online, or by contacting us at 226-228-4566

Orderling Online

  • Please place pre-orders seperate from a regular order. To allow us to process pre-orders efficiently please do not combine items with the PRE-ORDER label with a regular delivery order.
  • A $30 deposit will be required for a Turkey. Final price will be determined at pick up due the the varying weight of the turkey.
  • A $50 deposit will be required for the Christmas Pack. Remaining $100 will be due at pickup.
  • Some items must be ordered by the lb. This is done when selecting the quantity. For example if you want 3 lbs of pork roast enter the quantity of 3 and add to your cart.
  • All other items must be pre-paid in full when the order is placed.